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Your Participation is Appreciated

Your participation in our events provide opportunities for vulnerable women and young people in war zones and other vulnerable victims of injustice. 

Our Events

School Events

Partner with us to bring our students and speakers to share our programs with your institution

Sports Fundraisers

We organize running, cycling and other competitions and all the proceeds go towards supporting projects.

Community Thrift

We participate in community thrifts and all the collected items are delivered to the local community and Nuba.

Host an Event

We depend on our friends and supporters to help raise funds and spread the word about the effects of lack of water, war and extreme poverty in the Nuba Mountains, Darfur, the Blue Nile, and South Sudan communities.


You can designate us a beneficiary of your event by asking your friends, colleagues, and families to donate to the Kara Universal as a birthday, wedding, Christmas, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Ramadhan gifts. Your actions are a step towards healing and empowering survivors in war-torn zones. Every effort counts because every amount raised directly impacts and saves lives. 


For more information please contact us.

Need Inspiration? Check our Programs


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Tackling Mass Starvation and Malnutrition

We address hunger and malnutrition head-on by helping small farmers in the war-torn South Kordofan increase production and sell more crops as the best way to combat global hunger and poverty



Digging Wells & Installing Hand Pumps

Due to the lack of drinking water women & children are forced to travel great distances in search of water. Many still lack access to safe water often face obstacles like discrimination and long droughts.


Mother Holding Child.jpg

Effective Healthcare Interventions and Immunizations

Poverty and health are strongly linked. Health problems can plunge people into poverty or keep them from escaping it, and those in poverty are more likely to suffer disease because of lack of treatment.

Get Involved

Kara Universal is a grassroots organization founded and inspired by survivors of war and genocide. Our impact is our power. 

Your support provides opportunities for vulnerable women and young people in war zones and other vulnerable victims of injustice.


Join our community by making a one-time donation or, give monthly, or quarterly, or yearly and transform lives of survivors of war and genocide today.

Take Action

Take Action

Take Action

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