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One 7 Program

Domestic and overseas trips to interact through exchange programs to gain a wider perspective of the world.

Universal Exchange

Low-Cost Volunteer Programs

We partner with different institutions from the 7 continents to provide cost-effective exchange programs for communities in developing and developed nations to interact and exchange ideas.


Working with survivors of war, environmental conservation efforts, or even just touring different institutions are a few awe-inspiring opportunities to spend your school holidays.


One of the greatest outcomes of volunteering in developing countries is learning about cultures drastically different from your own.


A trip to a refugee camp to support survivors of war will definitely leave you a changed person.

With the Health Program, you will work in one of our centers between 30 and 35 hours per week, offering to counsel local patients and family, administering vaccines, and promoting health education, volunteers have their work cut out.


You could equally join our education program where you can support local teachers, provide curriculum support and teach local students and adults English.




A structure in a medical compound in the Nuba mountains damaged by a bomb dropped on their location.​

Expand Worldview

We provide both long-term and short-term service trip for teens to join in humanitarian efforts at their local and overseas communities.​


They engage in activities such as digging wells, building houses and coding with local students. 

It's not quite like, "Here, go starve for 10 days so you appreciate New York" but, it will show them a close-up of what extreme poverty looks like.

We also send our local students to visit different high schools, universities, and local communities in developed nations.


Most teens and young adults that have been on one come back with a better sense of the needs of others and a wider view of the world.


Serving Local Communities

If you can't afford an overseas trip and can't get a scholarship, there are similar opportunities available domestically:


Helping clean up an inner-city neighborhood, volunteering (and living at) at a homeless shelter, or helping the red cross in a natural disaster zone, things of that sort. Just pick one that will keep your child safe but let them have the experience of serving the less fortunate in their communities.

When you decide to volunteer and serve the less fortunate, you’re not only jumping into a new adventure-you’re improving your value as a professional, too.

Empowering Communities

Our Programs are designed to give our participants a chance to work side by side with different communities and experience cultures other than their own.


Duties include teaching, planning, advocacy, book reading sessions, mentoring as well as providing medical care.

We give students from developed and developing nations a chance to interact through exchange programs to gain a sense of the needs of others and a wider view of the world.


Volunteering in remote areas has its ups and downs, but there are certainly more sunny days when you’re surrounded by warm people ready to work with you.


If any of our initiatives interests you or your institution, please email us.

Get Involved

Your support provides opportunities for vulnerable women and young people in war zones and other vulnerable victims of injustice to access clean water as well as hygiene and sanitation programs. 


Join our community by making a one-time donation or, give monthly, or quarterly, or yearly and transform lives of survivors of war and genocide today.


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